Antique city of Panticapaeum

Panticapaeum is the ruins of the ancient Besporsky kingdom and one of the most famous monuments of the Crimean peninsula. Everyone gathers here: scientists and tourists who is personally examine the remains of the once magnificent temples, residential quarters, tombs, royal palaces and fortress walls.

The history of this city began in the second half of VII century BC, when Greek settlers inhabited these lands. Panticapaeum was a huge, beautiful and powerful city, occupying an area of ​​about 100 hectares. It flourished over the centuries, having become both an independent trading state and a puppet of the Roman Empire. However, by 371, the city was completely destroyed by the Huns, and since then the vast territory of the city remained abandoned for several centuries, until the appearance of the present Kerch.

Work on the excavation of the ancient city began in the middle of the XIX century. They are not authorized by seekers of legendary treasures. A few decades later, treasure hunters destroyed those remains that they did not manage to destroy the Huns, nature, and the locals. To date, the best-preserved part of the city (more precisely, what remains of it) is located on Mount Mithridates. There are here several ancient tombs of kings are preserved intact.

Go to the city station to get to the ruins of Panticapaeum. Take the route number 5 or 28 and go to the stop "Lenin Square". Then you will have to walk.

Memorial complex Malakhov Kurgan

Sevastopol withstood several sieges and was twice destroyed in its history. Therefore, there are places in this city that every local resident considers truly sacred. Malakhov Kurgan is one of them. It became famous in the period 1854-1855, as well as in 1942, when the German army tried to seize the city. Today, there is a memorial complex dedicated to two battles.

"Malakhov" was a named in honor of Mikhail Malakhov. He was a captain who settled near a hill and deserved the reputation of a sympathetic person. Residents of the city often turned to him for help; they said, "I will go to Malakhov, to the mound." So this place became called his name.

Another personality is directly related to the battles on the mound - sailor Peter Koshkin. Being from a peasant family, Koshkin was sent by a landowner to recruits for bad behavior. He later entered the fleet and took part in the Battle of Sinop. However, fame to him brought the defense of Sevastopol from the armies of the Turks, French and British. He often single-handedly made forays into the enemy's rear, bringing prisoners with him, bringing weapons and foodstuffs.

Many legends are associated with the sailor’s name For example, they say that once he managed to save Admiral Kornilov from an enemy bomb. Koshkin's response to the admiral’s thanks soon became a household word: “The cat (Koshkin) likes the affectionate word.” Or another, where it is stated that the sailor bravely saved the body of his dead comrade, the soldier Trofimov from vandalism, by digging it out of the trench.

Deserving the glory of the national hero, Peter the Cat was immortalized in the name of one of the streets leading to Malakhov Kurgan.

Museum of Submarines in Balaclava

Balaklava is located on the southern outskirts of the Crimea, near the port of Sevastopol. The battle of Balaclava in 1854 is listed in world history as one of the most famous battles of the Crimean War. It was here that on October 25, the British Empire, the Light Brigade made its famous, doomed, landing of an amphibious assault force for the last desperate attempt to enter the port of Sevastopol.

During the cold war, none of the ordinary citizens could even dream of getting into Balaclava. In 1957 it was a well-guarded secret object. It was here that an underground complex for the repair of nuclear submarines was built. This was facilitated by the location of the bay, which is not visible from the sea, the water level, as well as a suitable terrestrial rock. Where the entrance to the museum is now, instead of a roof, there was an imitation of a village with models of houses, so that reconnaissance did not record this object from the air. Although the bay is so protected by a natural barrier, the entrance to it is masked by a grid under the texture of the surrounding rocks.

Sightseeings of Sevastopol

Sevastopol is not only the most famous city of Crimea. It’s the city of military glory and worship with rich history. It is an extra popular place of the resort. Soft climate and luxurious architectural heritage attract here rather the most sophisticated tourists.

Graphskaya marina

Graphskaya marina is a heart of Sevastopol. It is situated in the center of the city. There are almost all cultural monuments here. You can go on excurutsion from this place by sea in order to have a look at streets of the hero-city.


Ravelins are military munitions. There are 3 of them saved at the moment. They are Konstantinovsky, Mikhailovsky,Peter and Pauls’ ravelins. There is a collection of pictures about Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet in Mikhailovsky ravelin. Besides, you can hear cannon-shot every day at midday, which is seen from any spot of embankment.

Stonehenge of Sevastopol

There’s a monument in surroundings of the city which was made by savage. It looks like famous all over the world archaeologic masterpiece «Stonehenge». These constructions are called as skele menhirs. It is vertically situated boulders from marbleized limestone. This monument is a result of conscious constructive activity of human.

Eco-park «Lukomorye»

If you spend your holidays in Sevastopol with children you should attend eco-park «Lukomorye». Youngsters are able to spend their time with pleasure and benefit in this amazing place. There is a range of museums on the territory of the park: museum of marmalade, museum of ice-cream, museum «Injun in the world of cocoa and chocolate», museum of soviet childhood and exposition «Space calling».

Crystal beach

Distance to the beach - 12 km

The journey time by car is 8 minutes

The journey time by public transport is 20-30 minutes:

Stop "cinema Okean" - "Square them. Lazarev ", the fare - 18-20 rubles.

Directions from the hotel - the stop "cinema Okean" - 16, 110, 95

Stop them. Blucher (TC Orange) - 4

Type - concrete covering

Length of the beach - 700 m

Sevastopol Crystal Beach is one of the central beaches, free, always very heavily loaded. Rent of sun loungers is possible. There are several ladders to the water with handrails, depth at the shore at once more than two meters. The beach is good for those who like to dive and swim under the water with a mask and fins.

The beach is convenient because it is located in the center of Sevastopol, near Primorsky Boulevard, on the shore of the Artillery Bay. The name "Crystal" comes from the baths, located here in the XIX century - "Crystal Waters". And those, in turn, received the name on behalf of Cape Khrustalny in Sevastopol.

Victory park beach

Distance to the beach - 2 km

The journey time by car is 8 minutes

The journey time by public transport is 14 minutes:

Stop "cinema Okean" - "Victory Park", the fare - 18-20 rubles

Routes from the hotel - 95, 110, 16, 107, 14

Type - pebble

The length of the beach is 400 meters.

Located between the bays of Streletskaya and Omega. The road to the beach passes through the eponymous park. The territory is divided by buns into 4 plots, on both sides of the equipped beach - wild rocky beaches. There are several bars and snack bars on the territory. Next to the park there is the water park "Zurbagan".

This pebble beach in Sevastopol is equipped with rental offices, a lifeguard station and a medical office.

There are locker rooms, toilets, several summer cafes, retail outlets. Nearby there are several wild beaches, which are not so comfortable, but the places are more secluded. The beach of Victory Park in Sevastopol is divided into several sections by concrete breakwaters, from which many like to dive. To this coast in the holiday season are suitable for pleasure boats.

Omega beach

Distance to the beach - 2 km

The journey time by car is 2 minutes

The journey time by public transport is 14 minutes:

Stop "cinema Okean" - "Omega beach", the fare - 18 rubles

Roues from the hotel - 95, 110, 16, 107, 14

Type - sand

The length of the beach is 700 meters.

"Omega" is one of the most popular beaches in Sevastopol. At 700 m it stretches along the shore of the Round Bay in Gagarinsky district. Sand and a very gentle entry into the water guarantee an ideal rest without worry for the safety of young children. There are no other cardinal differences from the rest of the Sevastopol beaches. Visitors can take advantage of traditional water activities: aquabike, banana, catamaran, kite flying. Fans of scuba diving will appreciate the beauty of the bottom landscapes and, if lucky, hunt for crabs.

Shallow Bay, which is also called the Omega beach in Sevastopol, is popular as a place to relax with young children. The bay cuts far into the shore and the water is very quickly warmed up here and is less affected by winds that can blow off heat from the surface of the water. In the center of the bay there is an equipped beach with rental outlets for sun loungers and umbrellas, locker rooms, toilets, children's attractions - trampolines, tarpas.

Places to visit in Sevastopol

Sevastopol Dolphinarium in Art bay

Sevastopol Dolphinarium in Art bay was founded on the basis of "Biological Station" in 1997, it is located in the heart of the city. For 15 years of work the territory became ideal not only for performances, but also for the study of marine life, their cultivation and care of animals.

Seafront boulevard 

The most popular park-avenue of the city. It was founded on the site of the Nikolayev battery in 1885, which defended Sevastopol during the Crimean War. The main green street of the city, where people like to walk, not only tourists but also the residents of Sevastopol.


Today Balaklava - is one of the most popular resorts in Crimea, which is located in the South of Sevastopol in the 15 km from the city center. The symbol and the main attraction - is Balaklava Bay, one of the most beautiful on the planet. Once you are here, the same time you want to have a sea ride on a boat or yacht.

You can also climb the mountain Kastron and visit the ruins of the Genoese fortress. As well as climb the mountain Asketi and enjoy spectacular views of the Black Sea and rocky coast with fort South Balaklava. Here you can also go on walking trip to the Path of Healt", offering  great views of the beaches, enjoy spectacular sea views, plenty clean sea air and the smell of meadow grass and conifer-juniper forests.

Churches and Cathedrals

Sevastopol is called the cradle of Orthodox Christianity. Here are situated some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals in Russia. Many considered unique architectural monuments. The most famous: Vladimirsky Cathedral, Inkerman St. Clement Cave Monastery and Shrine of 4 admirals.

Cultural life

After sightseeing, it's time to dive into the social life of the city, visiting theaters and exhibitions. Lunacharsky Theater and  Lavrenev Theatre, Dance Theatre of Vadim Elizarov, art museum named after Kroshitskogo and museum complex St. Michael's battery.


Perovsky Winery

One of the oldest wineries on the Crimean peninsula. Wines produced here have been winning awards at many international competitions since the 19th century. Excursion to the museum of Nikolai Perovsky, 10 wine samples tasting, visit to the wine shop – 500 rub.

Museum of Nikolai Perovsky 
The museum of Perovsky Family is situated on the territory of Perovsky Winery. 8 exhibition halls store the history of the Winery and all the owners. Museum has become folk museum due to number and uniqueness of exhibits according to experts in Ukraine and Russia.
Address: Lyubimovka, Sophyi Perovskoy, 59-A,


Sevastopol – is a city of military glory. You have an opportunity to touch the History and feel the heroism of the defenders visiting numerous monuments and attractions.

National Museum of heroic defense and liberation of Sevastopol

National Museum of heroic defense and liberation of Sevastopol –is the largest museum association of the city, founded in 1960. The museum consists of: Panorama Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855. Diorama conquest of Sapun Mountain  (May 7, 1944). Defensive Malakhov tower, Vladimir Cathedral - the tomb of famous admirals, museum of Sevastopol underground 1942-1944, and other exhibition halls, open expositions. Museum buildings are located in five districts of the city on an area of 66,000 square meters. 

National Park Khersonese 

The ancient city, founded by the Greeks more than two and a half thousand years ago in the South-West of Crimea. Khersonese is one of the most magnificent archaeological monuments in Southern Russia. Its dimensions, safety and location have been attracting scholars, travelers and lovers of antiquities for many years. Now the ruins – are one of the main attractions of Sevastopol.